Frequently Asked Questions

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm (6:30pm during winter) in the Planning and Zoning room at the Twin Falls County West building on Addison Ave.

The Twin Falls County Republican Central Committee is the governing body of, and the official spokesman for the Idaho Republican Party, in Twin Falls County. We promote the principles and objectives of the Republican Party Platform. We cooperate with the Idaho Republican Party and the Republican National Committee to elect Republicans in county, statewide and federal elections.

We seek to educate Idaho constituents, register new voters and encourage all Republicans to get to the polls and vote. The Central Committee also helps fill public office vacancies on both the county and state level.

We are excited for your interest! Community members can attend our monthly meetings, meet the committee, and learn what is going on and where they might fit in. If you desire to be part of the committee, our members are elected every two years during primary elections. Various committee positions are filled at the first meeting after the primaries and delegates for the state convention are elected by members. See the roster to find your precinct committee person.

For those aged 18 to 40, joining the Idaho Young Republicans is a great way to become involved with like minded people. This is a state wide organization which focuses on building the next generation of Republicans. Go to for more information and to sign up. 

Our county has a chapter of Republican Women. You can join with others to promote the values and issues that are important to women in the Republican party. For more information please contact Phoebe Smith at 719.649.9578 or [email protected].

Precincts are the smallest political units in the country. A precinct is a subdivision of the county (generally smaller than a city and larger than a neighborhood) and is used as a local election/voting district. On election day, voters gather to their assigned polling place for their precinct to cast their ballots.

In some states, precincts are subdivisions of the legislative districts. However, Idaho law maintains that our precincts are created by county commissioners.

Click here to look up your precinct polling place (voting location) based on your current address.

Our central committee members are all volunteer and are known as precinct committee persons. There exists one member for each electoral precinct within the county who is elected by registered Republicans in that precinct.

Members are elected to represent and vote on behalf of Republicans in their precinct in county and district Republican Central Committees. They also organize voters in preparation for elections and spread the word about upcoming events and other news.

In addition to these duties, they elect the leadership of the county and district Republican Central Committees, and may be expected to participate in filling vacancies in the Idaho state legislature for their district.

Note: A precinct committee person can also be known as a precinct leader, precinct captain, precinct chairman, precinct delegate, precinct committee officer or precinct committeeman/woman.

You will need to be elected in the next Primary Election.

File your Declaration of Candidacy with the County Clerk. You will need to:

  • Pay a $40 filing fee or submit 5 nominating petitions (according to current state law) from qualified voters in your precinct.
  • Sign your Declaration of Candidacy in the presence of a notary.


To qualify you must be:

  • At least 18 years old at the time of the Primary Election.
  • A citizen of the United States.
  • A registered elector (voter) of the precinct.
  • A resident in the precinct for at least six months preceding the Primary Election.
  • Affiliated with the Republican Party. Contact your County Clerk to verify that you are affiliated with the party of your choice.

The Idaho Republican Party has three geographical divisions: legislative districts, counties, and county precincts. Precincts are led by elected precinct committee persons, who in turn make up the county and legislative district central committees.

Republicans believe in founding principles. We believe that our nation strength comes form God and our reliance on Him. We believe that America is an exceptional country and our Constitution is an inspired document. We believe in equal rights, justice, and opportunity, inalienable rights, state and citizen sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. We strive to put these principles and beliefs into actions as we work with government and people for the best solutions. We offer a place where principles become actions. 

Idaho has a closed primary which means that in order to vote in a Republican primary, you need to be a registered Republican. Registration can be done the day of the election at your poll location. Being registered also allows you the option to hold an office in the party, better influence local and state politics with other like minded people, and so much more.  

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